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Wethersfield Emergency Medical Services

Serving the Wethersfield Community Since 1956

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Wethersfield Emergency Medical Services

How We Got Our Start

Since its inception in 1956, Wethersfield Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has stood as a pillar of quality emergency medical care within the town of Wethersfield, CT. Born from the dedicated efforts of the Wethersfield Lions’ Club, which spearheaded fundraising initiatives for the Wethersfield Volunteer Association, our organization has a storied history of community support and commitment. Originally housing its first ambulance at a gasoline station at the intersection of Wells Road and the Silas Deane Highway, and subsequently at Firehouse No. 2, our journey saw significant milestones including the construction of our initial headquarters in 1962 on Lancaster Road—a project made possible through the contributions of association members.


The evolution of Wethersfield EMS continued with the town’s construction of our current headquarters on Prospect Street in 1982, further cementing our foundation and enabling us to expand our reach and capabilities. Today, with multiple ambulances ready and available 24/7, 365 days a year, our professional crews are always on standby to respond not only to the needs within Wethersfield but also to assist neighboring towns whenever called upon.


We are a team of skilled professionals deeply committed to delivering the highest level of care to our patients. Whether facing a minor injury or a life-threatening emergency, Wethersfield EMS is here to offer prompt, compassionate, and expert medical assistance. Our history is a testament to our dedication, and our present operations reflect our ongoing commitment to the health and safety of our community.

The Town of Wethersfield has recently filed a one-sided Petition with the Department of Public Health to remove us, WEMSA, from Town and to have Aetna/Hartford Healthcare provide all EMS services. They did so with no warning and a great deal of input from Aetna, no input from WEMSA, and no prior EMS Plan in place as required by law.


Unlike Rocky Hill and Newington, Wethersfield receives no subsidies from the Town. We have never wanted to be a burden on the taxpayers. We buy our own ambulances. We repair them and we supply them. We even pay rent to the Town for use of our building.


The EMS system in our Town has worked well for 68 years and only now that we are covering the Town 24/7/365, taking some calls away from Aetna, does Aetna have an issue with the arrangement.

WEMSA is a local, non-profit group. Aetna/Hartford Healthcare is a commercial, for profit corporation trying to stifle competition and give patients less choice.  This is a dangerous precedent and should be concerning to all of our citizens. You have supported us since 1956 and we hope that you continue to support us by contacting our Town officials.


Any comments, concerns, or suggestions are appreciated as well.


Dennis P. McMahon

WEMSA President/Chief of Service

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